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Sports command a proven power to cross barriers, create communities and unite nations, to affect the heart and the mind, from the richest man to the poorest child.

But how do we harness that power to support the greater good? is a comprehensive guide to nonprofit and cause-driven organizations in sports, with a mission of building the ultimate “all-star team”  of organizations, athletes, teams, leagues, companies, executives and fans to initiate meaningful social change. Here you’ll find FREE tools and resources to help industry leaders and sports fans connect with charitable programs around the world.

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There are thousands of great causes and programs in the sports world – but they need our support to keep making a difference. We hope you find your teammates here, and working together we can all cross the finish line as winners.


Gainline AfricaGainline Africa

The people of Uganda have witnessed unspeakable atrocities. For a period of 20 years, war and all the horrors that come with it, ravaged the nation and left its people broken. With more than 1.8 million Ugandans labeled as IDP (Internally Displaced Persons), coupled with 60,000 children abducted and used as child soldiers and sex slaves, the pain in Uganda is real. The conflict ended in 2007, but it’s difficult to even fathom how one can go back to leading a “normal” life afterwards. The rebels strategically targeted civilians creating “massive Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps throughout the region depriving children and youth of the basic opportunities such as education, activities, and sport.”

Far away in Gulu, a beautiful city in northern Uganda, a movement has begun. As a nation slowly embarks upon its healing process, some turn to sport. In this particular case, we turn to rugby. This movement is spearheaded by Canadian based nonprofit organization called Gainline Africa. Working with Gulu’s senior rugby club, the Gulu Elephants, Gainline has been able to establish and sustain after-school rugby programs at nine local high schools.

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