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International Platform for Sport and Development
The Platform is a hub for sharing knowledge, building good practice, facilitating coordination and fostering partnerships between and within different stakeholders in Sport & Development; based at the headquarters of the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) in Bienne, Switzerland
Beyond Sport
Beyond Sport is a global organization based in the UK that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. Programs and events include the Beyond Sport Awards, Beyond Sports Summit, Beyond Soccer and Beyond Sports United.
Up2Us is a national coalition of Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) organizations. Since 2008, Up2Us has been leading the movement to use sports to address critical issues facing youth- issues like childhood obesity, poor health and nutrition, academic failure and antisocial behavior.

Our Mission:
• To define and increase the quality of programs so that they achieve youth development outcomes
• To involve more kids in Sports-Based Youth Development programs, especially in under-served communities
• To educate the public about the value of SBYD programs
• To engage more people to volunteer and work in SBYD programs
Sports Philanthropy Project
The Sports Philanthropy Project's fundamental mission is to harness the power of sports and the sports industry for the maximum benefit of the communities in which we live.

The Sports Philanthropy Project works in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Childhood Obesity Team to maximize the impact that professional sports leagues, teams and athletes can have in creating healthier lifestyles for America’s youth and families. Our shared goal is to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity by 2015.
United Nations (UN) Sport for Development and Peace
Sport has historically played an important role in all societies, be it in the form of competitive sport, physical activity or play. But one may wonder: what does sport have to do with the United Nations? In fact, sport presents a natural partnership for the United Nations (UN) system: sport and play are human rights that must be respected and enforced worldwide; sport has been increasingly recognized and used as a low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace-building efforts, not only by the UN system but also by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, development agencies, sports federations, armed forces and the media. Sport can no longer be considered a luxury within any society but is rather an important investment in the present and future, particularly in developing countries. The UN system draws on the unique convening power of sport as a cross-cutting tool for fund raising, advocacy, mobilization and raising public awareness, development and peace promotion. is a video website that uses advanced search technology to pull Sport for Development videos from hundreds of websites and channels into one central location.

Sport is a powerful tool for addressing some of the world’s most challenging issues and there are many inspiring projects using this medium around the globe. We believe that the Sport for Development sector is best seen in action and there are thousands of videos that document the fantastic work going on. Our mission is to take this to a truly global audience. will enable people to easily access the content they want to see, and further explore the world of Sport for Development. So whether you want to search by sport, development theme or location, or just check out the latest videos, is a great resource for anyone interested in the sector.

We will also be producing our own video content, including 'The Show'. In addition we will be streaming live events including conferences and sporting tournaments, giving you the opportunity to be involved wherever they are in the world.

The other great thing about is that we're a Social Enterprise. This means that 100% of any money we make from sponsorship or advertising goes directly to supporting Sport for Development programs that are changing the lives of disadvantaged children around the world.
Paralympic Sport TV
ParalympicSport.TV is a top quality 24/7 television channel broadcasting via the Internet. Free of charge, people all over the world are able to watch live and delayed programming, or see the coverage on demand later. With this channel the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) tries to promote the Paralympic sports and the Paralympic spirit. ParalympicSport.TV allows more people to experience and witness the outstanding sporting performances of athletes with a disability.

The goal of ParalympicSport.TV is to provide a variety of content from the Paralympic World including news, interviews, event reports and of course the Paralympic Games. The channel technology is built to offer a high quality viewing experience to as many users as possible.
streetfootballworld knows that the beautiful game is more than just a game. A powerful tool for social change, football is being used around the world to promote issues such as children's rights and education, social integration, environmental protection, health and peace building. streetfootballworld is a social profit organization that links relevant actors in the field of Development through football. Established in 2002, the organization encourages global partnerships for development in order to contribute to positive social change. The streetfootballworld network comprises more than 80 local initiatives worldwide. With the network's support, streetfootballworld develops approaches to social challenges by working with governments, businesses and NGOs, and providing advice on development, investment and business strategy.
Foundation for Global Sports Development
Working closely with international sports federations, corporate sponsors, generous donors and committed athletes, Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) supports programs that promote sportsmanship, education, fair play and ethics among the world's youth.

Ultimately, we work for:
• The development of a child's personality, talents and mental and physical abilities
• The development of respect for a child's parents, his or her own cultural identity, language and values
• The development in the world's youth of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
• The preparation of the child for responsible life in a free society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes and friendship among all peoples, ethnic, national and religious groups.
Sport in Society
Through innovative programming and extensive outreach that impacts thousands both locally and worldwide, Sport in Society uses the power and appeal of sport to foster diversity, prevent men’s violence against women, eradicate youth violence, and improve the health of disenfranchised urban youth, all of which are critical to the health and safety of our citizens.
Partners for the America’s/Sport for Development
Partners of the Americas believes that sport is more than game. It is an effective tool for teaching, learning and breaking down barriers between peoples at all levels. When used effectively, sport helps disenfranchised groups and individuals develop physical, emotional and mental skills that can be utilized in their daily lives. Sport teaches us that when the principals of fair play are applied, any group or individual can learn to compete and win.
Sport For Smile
Sport For Smile is an independent initiative to promote social contribution programs through sport, with a particular focus on Japan. Sport For Smile also seeks to align itself with various global initiatives, and aims to establish itself as a solid and fundamental brand that contributes to social change and the creation of communities through sport.

In Japan, sport is largely regarded as an activity that is purely to be watched or played. However, the power of sport to further social good has been widely recognized by the global community, and there is now a growing worldwide movement to utilize sport as an effective vehicle to bring about tangible social change.

Sport For Smile encourages people to think about the wider world and those less fortunate than ourselves. Our mission is to assist people to achieve their goals by suggesting ways to utilize the power of sport as a universal language for adding in a positive way to society. Sport For Smile conveys related information from global initiatives and programs and seeks to provide people with opportunities to think about the contribution they can make. Our ultimate aim is to serve as a platform to create communities as well as to link optimal projects that encourage more people to become actively involved.

Sport unites people. Sport is an effective tool for promoting desired social values. My sincerest wish is that Sport For Smile will be able to play a part in the creation of opportunities that will bring more smiles to the faces of people in Japan and around the world.
Disaboom: Adaptive Sports Programs
Disaboom, Inc. was founded as a dynamic, diverse, and interactive online community dedicated to constantly improving the way people with disabilities or functional limitations live their lives. It also serves as a comprehensive online resource not only for people living with such conditions, but also for their immediate families and friends, caregivers, recreation and rehabilitation providers, and employers. More than 54 million American adults live with disabilities or functional limitations today in the United States alone. Founded and designed by doctors and fellow disaboomers to meet this community's specific needs, brings together content and tools, ranging from specialized health information to social networking to daily living resources, in a single interactive site.
Global Team Players
Global Team Players is a Foundation for Athletic, Professional, and Social Development.

GTP attempts to drive cross-border market-driven solutions through (1) long-term leadership development and educational opportunity support of athletes from developing countries and (2) leadership development and increased awareness of global inequalities for athletes from developed countries through athletic and market-driven volunteer opportunities.

Through the global athletic community and by partnering with a diverse array of existing contributors and other social entrepreneurs, GTP attempts to satisfy the interests of the United Nations (specifically UNICEF, UNDP, ECOSOC, and UNOSDP) in (a) facilitating and coordinating the provision of core competencies of “capacity building” and (b) implementing private sector strategy through the Inclusive Market Development (IMD) approach.

GTP endeavors to help athletes with educational and professional development and opportunities from high school throughout life.

GTP is driven to inspire athletes to pursue any career path they desire but seeks to directly influence their career development in order to help ensure sensitivity to and desire to create and support social development programs.

In the short-term, GTP hopes to provide and coordinate resources necessary for athletes to create their own localized social development programs. In the long term, GTP hopes to provide and coordinate significant resources to support very large social development programs implemented by athletes.

In today's world, many professional athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and other high net-worth individuals are pursued to participate in, support, or create social development programs. However, GTP envisions a plan to create these individuals such that these programs are created throughout one's career.
Global Sports Forum Barcelona
The Global Sports Forum Barcelona is a unique international conference placing sport at the heart of the major challenges and debates facing modern society. It gives professionals from the world of sport an opportunity to acquire new reference points for research and action. And it gives economic, social and political stakeholders the opportunity to analyze the realities and effects of a world that impacts directly on theirs and concerns them.

The Global Sports Forum Barcelona provides a venue for exchanging and comparing ideas and aims to open up new avenues for discussion and lay the foundations for synergies.
CARE Sport for Social Change Initiative
CARE's Sport for Social Change Initiative is a pioneering program that uses the convening power of sports as a vehicle to minimize the effects of poverty on marginalized youth and young adult populations. Through sports, we are able to bring individuals from all backgrounds and social statuses together in a relaxed and natural environment that is ideal for exploring serious and sensitive issues. We believe that sports instill the critical "can do" outlook that is vital to a child’s successful educational development. And, we believe in the power of sport to creates lasting individual and social change.
Beachapedia is a project of the Surfrider Foundation, with the goal of collecting and publishing knowledge on coastal environmental topics from Surfrider chapter activists and subject-matter experts.

Beachapedia aims to capture relevant and timely information related to the protection of our coastal resources using Wiki technology. With its constant influx of intelligence, Beachapedia will serve as a relevant and valuable tool for the general public, media and decision-making bodies, and will cover a vast assortment of topics related to the coastal environment, including articles on subjects ranging from coastal access and water quality testing, to seawater desalination and offshore oil drilling.
The Sportsgrants Foundation
With Sportsgrants you can use any event your doing to create your own fundraising program. One that supports your cause, your way. You can even create an "event" out of anything you want to do from climbing Everest, to pogo sticking around the block (we swear, it happened). If you want to invite some friends along, then create your own team.
International Network of Sport and Development Consultants
INSDC is a network of competence contributing to positive social change and social entrepreneurship in the field of sport and development. Founded in 2007, the vision of INSDC’s founding members was to establish a credible platform on which respected practitioners could exchange experience, ideas and information; support positive social change and entrepreneurship; and advance the theme of "sport for social change."
Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy
For over a decade, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has supported the growth of philanthropy through professional sports and has encouraged excellence in the field. In conjunction with our grantee the Sports Philanthropy Project, we established the Steve Patterson Award in 2005 to acknowledge professional sports organizations and individual sports philanthropies that have made an exceptional effort in deploying all their unique resources toward a mission that serves and improves the lives of others.

Steve Patterson taught us not to wait for excellence to reveal itself, but to seek it out and inspire it in the hearts and souls of others. To him, that was the essence of coaching. We offer this award to celebrate Steve's life and to continue his legacy.
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