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Here are some blogs who do an excellent job covering the world of sports philanthropy, charitable giving and cause-related marketing.

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Sports Doing Good
“Sports Doing Good” is built on the idea of sports being fun, inspirational and being a tool for positive social change. The concept and practice of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship are now rooted firmly in the mindset and actions of thousands of individuals, companies and organizations around the globe. This blog is part of a movement to both drive the growth of and highlight the good work already being done by those in and around sports.
Kevin Carrol Katalyst
Kevin Carroll is the founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC and the author of three highly successful books: Rules of the Red Rubber Ball (ESPN Books, 2005), What's Your Red Rubber Ball?! (ESPN Books & Disney Press, 2008) and The Red Rubber Ball at Work (McGraw-Hill, 2008)

As an author, speaker and agent for social change (a.k.a. the Katalyst), it is Kevin’s “job” to inspire businesses, organizations and individuals - from CEOs and employees of Fortune 500 companies to schoolchildren - to embrace their spirit of play and creativity to maximize their human potential and sustain more meaningful business and personal growth.
Using Sport for Social Change
My name is Dean Doeling. I am a Senior Production Artist with Nike and I started this initiative in June of 2008 with the idea of just getting the kids of the schools in St. John, USVI something to play with. However, in speaking with many people on and off island, it is now my intention to develop and assist with sports and fitness programs that will eventually be self supporting and sustainable within the community of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The Sports Bloc
The definition of bloc of is:
A combination of countries, parties, or groups sharing a common purpose.
The Sports Bloc was created with the idea that it would grow becoming a group of contributors and guest contributors, all with the common purpose to express their views and opinions.

The Sports Bloc critically examines and explores the tougher issues in sport, as well issues that are not covered or often forgotten by the main stream media. The goal of The Sports Bloc is to act as a platform to further debate and discussions about the issues at hand. As well to educate the reader and allow them to start critically thinking about sport.
The Good in Sports
Are you looking for positive, feel good sports news? Are you looking for athletes, coaches and teams making a difference and acting as role models in the community? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Mission: The Good in Sports Inc. is a non-profit organization (in the process of attaining 501(c)(3) status) devoted to educating the public about the positive influence athletics has on the community, while encouraging, promoting and engaging in philanthropic activities in professional and collegiate athletics. We believe in highlighting the many ways coaches, athletes and teams give back, providing an alternative, more uplifting perspective on sports news than is normally reported, thus promoting positive role models for our youth.
We Push Sports
This sports blog reports on all sports and promotes adaptive sports and recreation. You can find us on twitter at @wsportstweets
The Inspired Sport
Having spent the last eight or so years involved in sport as a catalyst for social change and community building, I figured I’d open my mind to what other positive activities are happening in the wide world of sport. I’ll also take a look at some ways that sports are having negative impacts on communities. I currently work at Special Olympics Massachusetts in the fundraising department, as Director of Inidividual Giving. Previously, I founded “Sky’z The Limit”, a Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit that provides social and athletic opportunities for young people with and without disabilities.

This blog is a place to share these stories, think about sports on a different scale, network with other interested folks, and see what kind of online and real world collaboration can occur!
Good Sports, Great Stories
Tragic and troubling news is all around us, permeating every part of our society. The world of sports is no exception. Tales of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, steroid use, gun play and run-ins with the law are more the rule than the exception.

Good Sports, Great Stories is a small effort to shine a bright light on an often unnoticed or under-publicized subject: the good and difference-making work of many in athletics past and present.

We hope you enjoy reading about these men and women here as much as we enjoy relaying their stories.
Red Card Homophobia
Our mission is to increase awareness of and end homophobia in football (soccer) and promote equality, regardless of sexual orientation, in the beautiful game.
Power of Sports
I am a young professional pursuing a career in sport and development. Currently, I'm working at a non-profit in New York City that combines sports coaching and educational assistance to help struggling inner-city youths. Simultaneously, I'm working on the creation of a non-profit to support the development of baseball in Ghana and designing and attempting to implement a large, randomized field experiment in Africa to evaluate sports-based youth development programs.

I spent the summer of 2009 working on both projects in Ghana, have worked at the Center for Sport in Society at Northeastern University, and wrote my undergraduate thesis at Harvard College about subsidies for sports stadiums.
The World Cup and CSR
This blog is a discussion on the intersection of the world’s most viewed sporting event (the FIFA World Cup), the opportunity and responsibility for trans-national corporations to support the continued growth of South Africa, the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and branding.
Sports With Sam
Sports With Sam is a blog dedicated to spreading the positive environmental messages and actions of sports teams, athletes and leagues around the world.

Sports unite and inspire people to do their best and I'd like to make sure the best ideas for saving our planet are read and heard. Professional athletes are in a unique position to make powerful statements about sustainability and to lead by example and I plan to help disseminate their messages.

That is what my blog is all about: Spreading the positive messages and examples by players, teams and leagues, so even more people will be inspired to change. We are all part of the same planet so let's work together as a team and score points for our environment!
The Cleanest Line
The goal of The Cleanest Line is to further Patagonia's mission by encouraging dialogue about the products we build, the sports we love and the environmental issues we’re concerned about. By talking openly about the products we build, Patagonia users can help us achieve ever greater standards of quality and functionality. By spreading the word about specific environmental issues, we can increase awareness and take action as quickly as possible. By sharing field reports, we can inspire one another to keep experiencing the natural wonders of our precious planet. And like any good conversation, there's always the possibility for pranksters and poets to direct the conversation towards territories lacking any seriousness whatsoever.
Green & Sustainable Outdoor Gear
The outdoor industry can be just as bad as any other – encouraging high consumption, and fly anywhere lifestyles. And gear – outdoor equipment – is largely as unsustainable and exploitative as any other manufacturing sector, based on out sourcing, sweat shops, long distance movement of items, and both planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption. But there are a range of companies that are attempting to become more sustainable and some of them are amongst the most sustainable businesses on the planet. This site aims to explore, acknowledge, and ultimately, support those companies that are trying to be more sustainable and ethical in what they do.

The idea is that for each category of equipment and company, I will assess the work being done in the realms of sustainability and fair working conditions – where I can find that information – and then ‘rate’ the companies.
The theory is that people who are interested in supporting sustainability initiatives can use the website as one more mechanism they may use in choosing an item when they are considering a purchase. Obviously there are a range of factors that influence such a decision – cost, availability, brand allegiance, and so on. But if enough of us do buy the more sustainable and ethical option where we can, that starts to send a message to the companies involved, both in terms of production but also amongst retail stores in their choices about which products they stock.

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